Episode 36

Justin Kerson


April 3rd, 2021

1 hr 25 mins 27 secs

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About this Episode

Giant's interview with his old friend Justin Kerson. Recorded at Justin's home in Northern California on March 19, 2021.

Topics discussed include: Growing up Marin County, Tupac, Ben Harper, Jerry Garcia, The Grateful Dead’s last show at Shoreline, LSD, Dark Orchestra, MoTown, Orange Sunshine Theory, the psychedelic experience, sharing tattoos, ego/graffiti, edibles, therapeutic uses of cannabis, finding his postulate, growing up around cannabis, Pompeii, archeological editing, psychedelics in religion, mushroom therapy, inherited skills, family of artists, first tokes at 13, water polo, scare tactics, Humboldt County, Larry Bird, modern access to information, don’t mix drugs, buying from the grower, decriminalize/legalize, family support, job security, tattoos as a symbol of dedication, Shawn Barber, Anthony G. Morris, array of friends, Bigfoot, Ishmael, aliens visiting in 1972, COVID19 vaccine, fighting infection with good health, peace of mind, The Point of Affinity, The Age of Aquarius, 42, light versus dark forces and kharma, degrees in Freemasonry, Hollywood pandemic prepping, Obama, checks and balances, voting for dynasties, packs and tribes versus hives and herds, sports fans, regional flavor, Phylos, Israel, medicinal cannabis, TOTT Global, Rolling High dice set, Sean Desmond, Francisco Agudo, production expenses, stickers, packaging, losing girls over growing weed, and turkey bags.