Episode 31

Joy Shannon - Pt. 1


August 8th, 2020

57 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Part one of Giant's interview with his friend Joy Shannon. Recorded in Mike's studio in San Diego, California on July 5, 2020.

Topics discussed include: Culture magazine, art/music writing, offering a tattoo apprenticeship, growing up in Santa Ana, early years in Chicago, Irish bloodline, Celtic art, history of Celtic tattooing, tattooed mummies, Viking burials, personal tattoo tools, Ancient Ink, self-tattooing, continuing ancient traditions, The Audience Will Come To You, changes in how to enter the tattoo business, “specialty” tattooers, playing music and signing as a child, Elton John, understanding metaphors, costume design, Orange County, being a “weirdo”, Goths in California, avoiding people on the street, cheap used records, 90s home video editing, Headbanger’s Ball, Yo! MTV Raps!, Immortal, Symphonic Metal, the music students, Show and Prove, skater applause, cello, appreciating orchestral music, Jazz standards, inherited skills, Celtic harps, advances in technology, keyboard sensitivity, signing and playing instruments simultaneously, Natural Desire, family music connections, Lyle Lovett, Ancestral Karma, Old Souls, Bodhisattvas, The Magdalene Laundries, Catholicism, ancient Irish history, O’Carolan, Dead Can Dance, tattooing herself, Ogham, messages in a dream states/meditation, old school vs. current modes of tattooing, finding your clientele, tattooing through the pandemic, surviving the AIDS era.